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Your Gamepedia Account

You can access all your favorite wikis with a single Gamepedia account. Visit your user page on each wiki to see your global and wiki-specific achievements, wiki points, and more.

Gamepedia and Twitch Account Merging

Existing users have the option to merge their Gamepedia and Twitch accounts. New users will register on Gamepedia.com with their Twitch credentials or with a new Twitch account.

Password Recovery

Forgot your password? Merged and unmerged accounts will recover their password in different ways.

External Applications

To login using external applications such as AutoWikiBrowser or pywiki a bot password needs to generated on the Special:BotPasswords page. Bot passwords are global to all wikis and allow you to tailor access your account including the ability to restrict editing permissions. Additionally, if your bot password credentials are ever lost or compromised you can revoke them. Full details can be found on the Logging in to third-party tools page on the Help Wiki.